Gepostet: 17.07.2019

GiAnt BJJ Hagen (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Grappling)

Beitrag von Oliver Geddes:
I spent last week in Germany visiting my affiliates out there for six days of seminars and road trips. During the trip, I had the privilege of awarding my first black belt to Eddie Rückert, who has been with me for coming up on three years now and was a tough brown belt when he first joined the crew. I also awarded a brown belt to Antonio Russo (a tough purple belt when he came on board) and my first -female- brown belt to Frauke Weinholz. This picture was taken after a sunny outdoors seminar towards the end of the week. But more pictures are coming! I am very proud to have these guys representing me in Germany and they have all been breathing Jiujitsu for years now. Congratulations to them all!
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